Celebrating Weddings Week: Day 1

Celebrating Weddings Week: Helpful Tips, Secret Venues and more…

Here at EP Weddings we want every Bride & Groom, Groom & Groom, Bride & Bride; to have a stress free dream wedding while celebrating; I Do’s.

EP Wedding Helpful Tip: Make a Budget.

Why a budget first?

Despite your every effort to restrain yourself in not to spend very much. You will find that without a well-planned and designed budget that you had spent up to 30% more than you hoped to spend.

Let us save you some cash…

Spending too much can not only limit your kick off as future husband and wife. It adds additional stress to what is supposed to be one of the most elated times of your life.

Here at EP Weddings we will not only design a well-planned budget but we will include our fee in your budget. That way there are no surprises at the end. In addition, we will work with our immeasurable vendors list and wedding venues to get you that dream wedding with prices you can afford. All of our budgets coordinate, design and meticulously ensure that once a budget is set there will be minimized impact or change. This will not only save on your wallet but allow you to be stress free and enjoy every moment of your engagement.

Your dream wedding is waiting…

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