Celebrating Weddings Week: Day 4


Here at EP Weddings we want every Bride & Groom, Groom & Groom, Bride & Bride; to have a stress free dream wedding while celebrating; I Do’s.

EP Wedding Tip 4:  Picking Menu, Picking the Music and Picking the Cake…

The best part of your wedding is the Menu, the Music and the Cake!  

Even this part can become overwhelming fast…Hors d’oeuvres and/or Welcome Beverages, Main Menu – Special Diet Needs, Allergies and Selection, Beverage, Alcohol and/or Non-Alcohol, Toasting Champagne, Wine and/or Sparkling Beverages, Playlist, Band, and/or Organ Music, Cupcakes, Cake and/or Sweets Bar…

We are here to help… Coordinating every detail of your day…even down to the guest special diet needs to ensure they are just as special on your day.  

Wedding table. Beautiful winter decorations


Let us take out the coordinating parts and details and allow you to enjoy the best parts…

Tasting and Listening…. We can coordinate rest!

Your dream wedding is waiting…

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Wedding table. Beautiful winter decorations