The “Hook & Lure”

Ever wanted to go Deep Sea Sport Fishing?

Just not sure where to drop your “Hook & Lure

How about just jumping on a boat and fishing that big blue sea for your best catch of Blue Marlin, Shark, Barracuda, Tuna (yellow or blue), or maybe Salmon?

We have the “Hook & Lure” on the best spots, best time of year and best deals for your next Deep Sea  Sport Fishing Adventures. 

Yes, everyone loves fishing Hawaiian Style off the Islands because of the abundance of sunshine and fish that are available all year around. You will finding some of the best fishing variety of fish including marlin, tuna, and sailfish.  

Maybe you want to try your “Hook” and catch one of the largest bluefin tuna around; lets book you and your crew a Coast of Maine trip.  

On a budget? We got the “Lure” on that too..Dauphin Island has some of the most affordable deep-sea fishing options in the United States.   

There are plenty of fish in the sea..

So, maybe you want to pick Sitka for the largest halibut and salmon fishing, Cancun for exotic barracuda and sharks fishing or maybe even the Prince Edward Island’s for some of the giant bluefin tuna fishing.

Either way we won’t disappoint the Deep Sea Sport Fisherman enthusiasts in you.


Sailfish saltwater sport fishing jumping
Sailfish saltwater sport fishing jumping