When you arrive in Rome grab your camera and be ready because Rome’s has some of the most famous squares, monuments, fountains and artists in Italy today.

Welcome to one of the World’s most amazing cities!

Simply wandering the ancient streets to get your bearings and discover the local culture is must do for all visitors and may even be the only true way to embrace this beauty of this ancient city. You can walk through the Roman Forum in the steps of emperors and imagine what it was like to live in Rome over 2,000 years ago. Soak up the sun as you relax at an outdoor caffe and stroll through the piazzas with a gelato in hand.

Rome’s picturesque cobblestone alleyways, Piazza del Popolo, and The Spanish Steps, with its dynamic atmosphere and astonishing views you have you staying put but, there is more to experience. You will want to start your exploration back in time by stopping to see the famous Trevi Fountain. Toss in a coin because it is said to ensure a return to Rome and after this trip you will want to see more.

Then off to the Pantheon which has stood for over 2,000 years.  Grab a selfie or family photo by the Fountain of the Four Rivers as you continue on exploring the architecture of the Romans and their rich history. You will also have access to wind through and explore farmer’s markets, smell and taste local cuisine, and food made by locals.

Ancient History of Rome will bring the ancient life style to the present, and leave you discussing what you have seen throughout your stay.

Then off to Oppian Hill. Oppian Hill will leave you gasping at the panoramic view of the Colosseum; one of Rome’s most recognizable landmark. Accessing the Colosseum will share with you visually the beauty of this amphitheater but also provide you with extensive history of bloody battles within the walls. You can listen to stories about gladiators, executions and mock ocean-battles as you see every level of this amazing historic site.  Your next stop should be to see the Arch of Constantine, as you arrive at Palatine Hill. There are seven hills of Rome; Palatine is one of the most visited.

From the Roman Forum and Nero’s Circus Maximus where chariot races where conducted; you will think you can still feel the chariots rumble today, as you stop to image what it would be like to part of this rich ancient history.

Either way guided tours, self-guided tours, or just free visiting; neither will disappoint booking through us!

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Rome landmarks collage
Collage of landmarks of Rome, Italy