Making a Wedding Checklist

Making a Wedding Checklist & Why you want one

You might think that a detailed check list is fruitless and a professional list is even less the best way to go. 

Just take a moment and start to think of the just the basics for your magical day…Now start to think about the each detail and how to time that out, plan, schedule and execute it. You will soon realize the importance and how much it will help you plan your day.

EP Wedding’s customize each wedding checklist to ensure that you will shine like a the professional planner.

From: Save the dates, buying venue flowers, to even hiring the set up team; We got you covered. If you are wanting help with just a few of your check list items; We got you covered.  Either way, We  will customize what you want and help ensure that all you dream of for your day, will be prefect.

Your dream wedding is waiting…

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