Travel & Weddings – We Love It

Travel & Weddings… who knew they would go so nicely together…We did!

We get a lot of people telling us that we are out of the norm. Telling us we are doing things that not many other companies are doing.

& We Love It!

There is nothing like providing you with ‘One Company’, ‘One Contact’, ‘One Fee’ for all your away from home activities and event needs.

We realizing that everyone’s dream are not the same & not everyone needs are the same

That is why we don’t offer cookie cutter packages for things such as ‘Vacations’ or ‘Weddings’. We feel that you can get that from anyone. What we do offer is cost savings, beginning to end planning, detail seamless coordination, personalized bookings, personal assistant services & so much more…

Personalized Service is not just a thing of the past; it is the future.

We cross off each detail, reading the fine print and offering personal services to ensure that your dreams and money is well spent with no surprises.

Taking pride in our business as we do in making your dreams into memories that you will cherish forever.

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